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King Faisal University

Operation and Maintenance Administration

manager director
Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God and upon all his family and companions
First of all, we welcome you, my visiting brother, to the administration’s website. We are pleased to present to you, dear brother, through our page, a brief overview of the administration, its goals, and the basic and important role it plays at the university. We hope that this visit will be full for you.
With benefit. Since its founding in the year 1975, King Faisal University has striven to ensure that all its buildings and facilities are exemplary, contributing to the comfort of the university’s faculty, staff and students. Due to the importance of this matter, the university has established an engineering department specialized in everything related to operations and maintenance affairs, under the name (Department of Operation and maintenance (the department includes an integrated team of engineers, technicians and administrators
The administration carries out its role in operating and maintaining all of the university’s buildings and facilities in order to maintain its excellent operational condition around the clock, through contractors contracted with for a number of specialized contracts in their fields (general maintenance of buildings, air conditioning, scientific equipment, faxes and photocopiers) from The management's tasks are also to prepare specifications and specifications for maintenance projects, as well as operate and maintain desalination and wastewater treatment plants.
These contracts are managed by qualified engineering and technical staff. The administration always seeks, in light of the directives of the university’s senior management, to introduce modern technologies into the electronic management of all contracts it supervises in order to facilitate obtaining information, follow-up, and preparing monthly electronic summaries.
For contractors.
The Projects, Operations and Maintenance Department, with great support from the university, introduced the integrated electronic management service for project and maintenance contracts and activated preventive maintenance plans, which enables any university employee to submit maintenance requests electronically from anywhere and at any time by accessing the Maximo program and a program specialized in management. Assets, enterprise asset management, where it works to monitor and manage assets in terms of sending maintenance requests, maintenance dates, faults, and completion permissions, and requests can also be submitted
Maintenance by phone to facilitate university employees.
Praying to God to help everyone do what he loves and is satisfied with.