Open Data

Open Data is the data that any individual can freely access, use, modify, and share for any purpose, without any of the technical, financial, or legal restrictions. However, it is subject to the requirements of the legal license under which that data is published
Usage License

Open Data Users:
King Faisal University allows all users of its portal (at their own responsibilities) access to the open data for free of charge
Data Users Responsibility:
The open data user is responsible for reusing the data on the e-portal of the university. The reuse of this data should not result in any errors related to the content, source, and date of the data
King Faisal University Responsibility:
1- King Faisal University is not responsible for any damage or misuse happening to the bodies as a result of using this data which is published on the e-portal of the university.
2- The university is not responsible for the users of this data and the damages that may occur to them.
3- King Faisal University has the right to delete or modify the open data on its portal.
Terms of Reusing the Open Data:
1- The user must not distort this data or its source.
2- This data should not be used for any political purpose, supporting any illegal or criminal activity, racist or discriminatory comments, negative influence on culture, equality, or incitement, or for any irregular activity or violation of the values and traditions of the Kingdom.
3- When using this data, you must indicate that its source is (the e-portal of King Faisal University), and include the link to the e-portal of King Faisal University to preserve the intellectual property of the data, its credibility, and the validity of its source.
Usage Instructions:
1- Each user has the right to access the required data either through using the searching keywords or the category in which the data was classified.
2- Each user can also download, open, browse the data and use it in the Excel format to arrange and filter it as needed.
3- Each user can rely on any program to use the open data. He/she may use smartphone programs or other applications (through the extension without having to download it to the computer) and access it through the file link directly.