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King Faisal University

Center for Water and Environmental Studies

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Beside the education, King Faisal University emphasizes on scientific applied research on different fields. Through, this scientific research, the university reaches out to local and national communities. That is by enriching the knowledge and providing appropriate services. Moreover, with this prime pillar, the university also makes unique communication and cooperation with Arab and international universities and the specialized research institutes. It establishes mutual interests, and develops scientific research cooperation on various fields and visits.

In fact, research centers and specialized institutions were prime factors of the university, since its establishment. Those centers are supported with high qualified and skilled researchers’ staff and high technology equipments. Water Studies Center (WSC) is one of these centers.
The role of the WSC is of dual objectives, essentially the center deals with the urgent challenges of water resources management, conservation and use. Then the WSC provides training and consultations in water studies and its relevant modernized technology.


WSC was established in 1982, according to the University scientific council recommendation. The ultimate goal to be transferred into Specialized Institute.