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College of agricultural and food sciences


The administrative board

The administrative board in the faculty is facilitating the administrative communication and providing services and maintenance for the Faculty academic departments and organizing administrative work.

The current formation of the administrative board: -

The Faculty administrative board is currently formed from a number of members according to the vacancies required for the administrative work 

On the top of this board comes:


The Faculty Dean 

Prof/ Mohamed bin Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al-Owaifar


 Vice Dean for Academic Affairs 

Prof/ Mutlaq Bin Mohammad Al-Otaibi



Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and the Administrator of the Female Student Affairs

Prof/ Maliha Daughter of Ali Al-Marzouq 


Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research

Prof. Youssef Bin Mohammad Yousuf 


Vice Dean for Development and Quality Assurance

 Prof. Jamil Bin Mohammed Al-Khairi


 As the administrative board also includes the following: 


Director of Administrative Affairs

Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Mulla 


Director of Administration Secretary

Ahmed Bin Ali 


Dean Secretary

Mohammed Bin Saad Al-Awad 


Dean secretary Barges, Department of Follow-up the Needs of Home Economics

Adel Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Burgos 


Warehouse keeper

 Saad Bin Abdul Aziz Al-hafesh r 


Vice Dean secretary for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, and for the Deans Committee of Faculty of Agriculture in the GCC 

Sami Bin Salman




Vice Dean Secretary for Academic Affairs

Saad Bin AhmedAl-Moas 


Office Machine Operator

Adel Khalil Bin Al-Ambrzi


The Faculty administration has been divided into two units:-

First- Copying and Printing Unit:-


Unit tasks

The Unit Charge d'affaires


This unit copies all transactions in relation to the Faculty, departments and committees

1 - Abdul Al-Latif Bin Ibrahim Al-Zekr Allah

2 - Abdel Wehab Bin Bandar Al-Moaibed

3 - Ahmed bin Mohammed Abdul-Aziz


 Second:- management communication:- 


Unit Tasks

The unit charge d'affaires


Registering all transactions incoming to the Faculty and outgoing confidential transactions, each in separate registries; saving a copy from the transactions issued in the appropriate files; delivering transactions pertaining to the Faculty Dean, to the Dean's Office; delivering all transactions in relevance to the chiefs of departments and committees to the concerned parties; supervising on the archive, classifying and saving all transactions in the appropriate files

1 - Abdullah Ahmad Boglie’

2 - Osman Abdullah Al-Qnaa

3 - Khalid Al-Mahboub


 Laboratories staff:-


Greenhouse Artisan

Mohammad Bandar Al-Moaibed factor


Adminstrators of home economics department: 


Director of Adimistration Affairs

Lecture / Firyal daughter of Abdullah Bubshait


Registration office In Charge 

Madam/ Badea daughter of Nasser Al-Naseeb


Assistant in the Registration Office

 Madam/ Ibtisam daughter of Ahmed Darwish 


Machine Copier – Secretary of Director of Administration 

 Maha Fahd Al-Sulaitin


Female students Controller

Rehab Abdul Latif Al-jaiman 


Registration Office

Jawhara Al-Obaidan 


Broadcasting Supervisor

 Amal Abdullah Albn Hamd 



 Afaf Ahmed Alshallakh



 Dalal Abdel Rahman Al-Jedidi