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King Faisal University

Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations:


Study System of the University:


The university applies the full day system that depends on the annual study system. Each academic year consists of two semesters with the possibility of providing a summer semester if necessary. The academic plan is distributed for each program on eight levels or more based on the studying period in each college.


Regularity in Study:


The regular student should attend all the lectures and practical classes, and would be deprived from continuing studying and entering the final examination for any course if the attendance is less than (75%) of the specified lectures and practical classes during the semester. This would be done by the decision of the college dean.


Excuse from Study:


The student can excuse of continuing studying for a semester without considering him failed in it if he provided an excuse that would be accepted by the College Board. That should be before the beginning of the examinations of the level’s end by at least five weeks. The consent of the female student’s guardian is required when presenting the excuse of continuing or delaying the studying.


Dropout from college:


If the student dropout from college for a semester without requesting a delay folding his registration in the university, the University Board would fold the registration of the student if her dropout from studying for a less period. The student is not considered a dropout from studying for the semesters which is studied as a visitor in other university.


Regulation of study and examinations for the academic level and the executive regulations of King Faisal University



New Students’ Admission

The Study System

Deletions and Additions

Regularity and Excuse from Study

Dropout from Study


Dismissal from the University




Final Examination Procedures


Visitor Student

General Provisions


Disciplinary Regulation for the Students of King Faisal University