King Faisal University



    king Faisal University is looking forward to provide the highest standards in different fields to be one of the leaders in educational industry by improving staff performance continuously and engaging them to serve society needs.


      In order to do that, the University teams require to have a great environment that will help them to handle roles and responsibilities assigned to them. One of the main factors that could assist in achieving this objective is by using an up to date programs to follow up and enforce the compliance of employees against the University policy and direction. Applying those programs efficiently demand a dedicated department that can manage and push forward employees to follow University instructions and fulfill the University visions.


    This department is called Follow-Up department which mainly focuses on employees' commitment towards the University regulations, prepares reports and recommendations related to employees' attendance and applies HR policy against employees who commit violations and conducts the required investigation.

   In addition, the Follow-Up department is responsible for reviewing the responses of the letters sent by His Excellency the University President and other management staff members.