الجمعة 06/03/1442 - 23/10/2020

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  • الخطة الدراسية
    Grading Scheme
    Serial No.
    Evaluation Type
    Module Name
    Total No. Of Evaluations
    1 Class Tests Internet + MS-Word + MS-Excel 3 20
    2 Home works All Modules 8 5
    3 Attendance NA NA 5
    4 Project Work NA 1 10
    5 Midterm Examination Internet + MS-Word 1 20
    5 Final Examination All 1 40
    Total 100
    Passing Percentage 60

    1. الأسبوع الأول

      Introduction to the course & Introduction to Internet

      Browser, Using Internet Explorer 9, Using Internet Explorer 9, Navigating the Web, Finding Information on the Web, Social Networking, Internet Concepts, WWW

      In the first week trainers will introduce Project Work & distribute project topics
    2. الأسبوع الثاني

      Word Processing – MS Word

      Overview of Word Processor, The User Interface, Creating a Simple Document, File Tab, Home Tab Introduction, Clipboard Group, Font Group, Paragraph Group, Styles Group, Editing Group students’ Project work continues

    3. الأسبوع الثالث

      Word Processing – MS Word

      Insert Tab Introduction, Pages Group, Tables Group, Illustrations Group, Links Group , Header and Footer Group, Text and Symbols Group

      Class test – 1 (Internet Module)
      Students’ Project work continues & Class Test-2 for Internet
    4. الأسبوع الرابع

      Word Processing – MS Word

      Page Layout Tab , Page Setup Group, Page Background Group, Reference Tab introduction, Table of Contents Group, Footnotes Group, Review & View Tabs introduction

      Students’ project work continues
    5. الأسبوع الخامس

      Spreadsheet - MS Excel

      Getting Started – Spreadsheet, Introduction to Ms-Excel, The User Interface. Create New Workbook, Getting Started- Working with Sheets, File Tab, Home Tab - Font Group, Alignment Group, Cells Group

      Mid-Term examination
      Students’ project work continues
    6. الأسبوع السادس

      Spreadsheet - MS Excel

      Home Tab - Using Formulas, Using Functions, Excel Errors, Home Tab - Editing & Number Group

      Class Test – 2 (MS Word)
      Students’ project work continues & Class Test for MS Word
    7. الأسبوع السابع

      Spreadsheet - MS Excel

      Home Tab- Editing & Number Group, Insert Tab - Charts Group, Text Group, Other Excel Tabs- Page Layout, Review

      Project Works Report submissions by students
    8. الأسبوع الثامن

      Presentation Graphics – MS PowerPoint

      Getting Started – MS PowerPoint, Home Tab, Insert Tab

      Class Test – 3 (MS Excel)
    9. الأسبوع التاسع

      Presentation Graphics – MS PowerPoint

      Design Tab, Transitions Tab, Animations Tab, Slide Show Tab

      Project Work Presentation & Viva
    10. الأسبوع العاشر

      الأختبارات النهائية

      Trainers will prepare final marks for uploading