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King Faisal University

Entrepreneurship Center

The incubator will work to achieve the following goals:

 Draw attention to the incubator's areas of priorities. It will motivate KFU students and faculty members,  and the community to think about generating ideas related to these areas.

 Provide all possible support to the incubated entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful and sustainable startups, and reduce economic due to the high rate of unsuccessful new projects.

Facilitate the entry of startups into the market and scale promising growth companies. This will strengthen the clusters that are targeted by KFU like food security-related industries.

Achieve the KFU mission of improving the quality of education, meeting the needs of the labor market, and carrying out authentic applied research that provides solutions to the challenges facing the Kingdom and enriches humanity.

 Entering the KFU through its affiliated company ( Wadi Al-Ahsa Investment Company) into equity  ownership of promisingsome startups. The ownership will provide KFU with financial sustainability and  ensure better services.