Thursday 09/08/1441 - 02/04/2020
Number of KFU Centers 25

Camels Research Center

The Camel Research Center at King Faisal facility is scientifically considered as a unique of its kind in the Kingdom and the Arab world.It has undertaken since its inception in 1402 to the advancement of camels and upgrading them, as the camels are considered as national wealth that the Kingdom is seeking to preserve and develop this property due to its special place in the hearts of the people of this country and closely linked to their history and their culture, where the camels were a key supporter for the survival of successive generations of residents of this area in front of the harsh climatic conditions because they are only animals being more efficient in coping with such circumstances

Science and Technology Unite

Scientific research is the foundation to uplift and elevate the community. It is one of the most important core goals of the university. Because of that, the university focused on strategic planning and its effective role in development. Therefore, it strived vigorously to gather the capabilities, scientific, and technical skills to develop systems, Infrastructure, scientific research, both technically and qualitatively. The university considers the Science and Technology unit the main supporter when it comes to developing the research skills to keep the pace with the strategic directions in all science and technology fields identified by the national plan for science, technology, and innovation.