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King Faisal University

Entrepreneurship Center

Education and training are central competencies of the university. The Center has prepared a book on the basics of entrepreneurship and has been taught as a course in the optional courses package. The Center also prepared a series of important and modern training packages on topics related to entrepreneurship, such as investment opportunities in the light of the vision of Kingdom 2030, transforming ideas into projects, entrepreneurship and innovation and preparing the work plan. The Center works in cooperation with the Deanship of E-learning to promote the scientific material contained in the book and training bags with interactive and attractive electronic content that will ensure effective quality of teaching and training and the achievement of learning outcomes.

The Center also undertakes training efforts for trainers and faculty members on how to teach and train for topics related to entrepreneurship and ways to measure the level of achievement of learning and training outcomes. Finally, the Center has prepared an initiative to establish a case-studies center to document the successes and obstacles of SMEs to benefit from them in education and training.