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King Faisal University

Entrepreneurship Center


The pioneering thinking of providing innovative solutions, taking calculated risks and maximizing the return on investment and effort is important for decision makers, regardless of the nature of their work. Those who wish to open their own project or have a private project and the employee need that whether he works in the private or governmental sectors. The Center undertakes within its plan the implementation of events in which the leaders and business leaders are invited to talk about their businesses and practices in the management of their projects. It also calls upon those concerned with entrepreneurship, such as the relevant government agencies, incubators, finance and others, to demonstrate their roles in the entrepreneurship system in the Kingdom and the services they provide to promote the environment of small and medium businesses, and does not miss the role of academics to demonstrate the concepts and theories of entrepreneurship.

The Center also manages student clubs in its permanent colleges and exhibitions, and provides rich information on its role through its website and through the brochures. The Center also seeks to implement an annual forum and an accompanying exhibition documenting the successes of entrepreneurs working in the areas of food security (agriculture, livestock, and related industries), as food security is a key focus of the university's identity and priorities