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King Faisal University

Entrepreneurship Center

The incubator (like other incubators and accelerators) will provide a range of resources and services. The incubator's or accelerator's most important tasks are training admitted entrepreneurs, developing their ideas through mentorship and collective learning, providing resources to transform the idea into a prototype, testing the product in the market, selling, getting the needed licenses, and providing the necessary funding to establish  startups or scale an existing an existing company.

What distinguishes the incubator of KFU is its presence in the King KFU premises, near the students and faculty members. This location will ensure the interaction with them and motivate them to provide entrepreneurial and leading ideas that are consistent with the incubator's identity. Moreover, the incubator is located in Al-Ahsa, which has  several comparative  advantages. High population density and the availability  of strong sectors  of agriculture, food, energy, tourism, health care and education are factors  that will ensure the flow of entrepreneurial ideas to the incubator. 

Finally, the incubator is specialized in agricultural and livestock industry, and environmental sustainability. This specialization will ensure focus, resources allocation, and building a brand name in the incubators and accelerators business.