Sunday 08/03/1442 - 25/10/2020

In furtherance of the development efforts and the industry of Excellence at King Faisal University, the university is currently focusing its efforts to develop a system of innovation and knowledge creation, in support of its core functions in the fields of education, scientific research and Community partnership, through the establishment of an entrepreneurship center.

The center was established by the decision of the Council of the University at its 3rd session of the university year 38-1439, held on 23/3/1439, and on the approval of the Minister of Education under the letter of the secretary general of the Interim committee of the work of the Council of Higher Education No. 590 in 28/5/1439 H, to be conducted by the center to develop the knowledge and skills of university and community employees in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. The foundation of the center comes from the orientations of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 on supporting entrepreneurship, developing and benefiting from the skills of young people, increasing the contribution of small and medium enterprises in the gross domestic product, increasing the employment creation of those enterprises, and increasing the level of products and services domestically produced competitiveness.