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King Faisal University

Entrepreneurship Center

The incubator focuses on two main themes:

 Food security: represented by agricultural livestock sectors, and its supporting industries such as supply chains and related industries such as energy, health and tourism.

 Environmental sustainability: represented by ideas and projects utilize the competitive advantage of hot, arid regions such as solar energy and the competitive disadvantages associated with this type of region such as hot weather and sandstorms.


"We want to be a preferred choice for entrepreneurs inside and outside the Kingdom who want to develop their ideas related to food security and environmental sustainability, to turn them into promising products and successful start-ups, enhancing the competitiveness of the Kingdom in the industries associated with these two dimensions and supporting the University's name."

The Message:

"To provide a package of resources and services to potential entrepreneurs in the areas of food security and environmental sustainability, on a scientific basis and in partnership with them and with other stakeholders, to achieve success for all.


- creativity and innovation


- Leading thought


- Quality and continuous development


- Partnership and mutual trust


- Institutional work and transparency