Monday 22/11/1441 - 13/07/2020

College of agricultural and food sciences



·    The College is fostering active participation towards achieving the mission of to uphold excellence and leadership in teaching, scientific research, and community service related to agricultural fields, within the framework of cultural, moral, and social values.


·    To provide students with educational and research experience within the system of modern knowledge in various agricultural disciplines fortified with talent in innovation, self-learning, and carrier competitiveness. In addition, to highlight the contribution of the College in economic and social enhancement through nurturing the development of the agricultural sector, scientific progress, and environmental protection.


·    Development knowledge, intellectual, innovation, and communication skills among students through a blend of theoretical studies and practical training, to graduate specialists keen to contribute to the national agricultural progress, and to prepare qualified graduate students. 

·    Improvement of scientific programs in light of contemporary scientific trends, in addition to promoting self-learning and continuing education.

·    Establishment and implementation of research plans to resolve current agricultural problems in consistent with scientific advances, environment protection, and community service.

·    Consolidation of cooperative relationship with public and private agricultural institutions as well as strengthen scientific communication with relevant research centers at both local and global level.