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King Faisal University

College of Agricultural and Food Sciences

*Agricultural and food sciences
 Study programs
Bachelor of Lands - Plant Protection (Students)
Bachelor of Food and Nutrition
Bachelor of Environment and Natural Resources (Students)
Bachelor of Biotechnology Agriculture (Students)
Bachelor of Poultry Science (Students)
Bachelor of Fisheries Science (Students)
Bachelor of Ruminant Sciences (Students)
Bachelor's degree in Business and Consumer Sciences
Bachelor of Agricultural Systems Engineering (Students)


 Study programs
Bachelor of Physical Education (Students)
Bachelor of Education in Educational Technologies
Bachelor's degree in special audio education
Bachelor's degree in Education Difficulties
Bachelor's degree in mental education
Bachelor's degree in Art Education
Bachelor’s degree in Kindergarten (female students)

*Veterinary Medicine

 Study programs
Bachelor of Veterinary (Students)

*Media management

 Study programs
Bachelor of Human Resources
Bachelor of Finance
Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor of Information Systems
Bachelor's degree in Risk and Insurance
Bachelor of Human Resources E (Female)

*the sciences
 Study programs
Bachelor's degree in Biology
Bachelor of Mathematics
Bachelor of Chemistry
Bachelor's degree in Physics

*Computer science and information technology
 Study programs
Bachelor of Networks and Communications (Students)
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Systems

 Study programs
bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

*Clinical pharmacy
 Study programs
Bachelor's degree in clinical pharmacy

 Study programs
Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering
Bachelor's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

 Study programs
Bachelor of Laws

*Applied medical sciences
 Study programs
Bachelor of Public Health (Students)
Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (females)

 Study programs New plan (2018 and above) Old plan (2017 and above)
*Abqaiq community
 Study programs
Diploma in Human Resources Management
Medical Secretarial Diploma (Female)