Monday 22/11/1441 - 13/07/2020

College of agricultural and food sciences



Scientific departments: 


Department title

Agribusiness program


Agribusiness and Consumer Sciences


Consumer Sciences program

The applied agricultural economics program

Ruminantia science program


Animal and fishery production science

Poultry science program

Fisheries program

Home economics science program 


Home economics


child and family Science program

Clothing and textiles science program

 Ecology program


Environment and natural  agricultural resources

Water sciences programme

Natural resources science program

Plant biotechnology program


Agricultural biotechnology

Animal biotechnology program

Food biotechnology Program

Horticultural Science program


Wasteland farming


Crop science program

Plant protection science

Food Science & Technology Program



Food and Nutrition sciences


Nutrition Science Program


Food process engineering Program


Agricultural systems engineering

Agricultural systems engineering program

Field mechanization engineering Program