Academic Staff


Full Professors:

No’man Haimour

 Professor, Chemical Engineering

 Office No:1065 , Tel. : 5895418

 Research interest: Gas Purification, Environmental Pollution Control, Fertilizers


Associate Professors:

 Mohammad Al-Widyan

 Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

 Office No:1009, Tel. : 5895403

Research interest: Renewable Energy, Energy Management (Audit and Efficiency), Thermal Systems, Applications of the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Energy and Thermal Systems


Amjad Omar

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Office No:1060, Tel. : 5895413

Research interest: Numerical Electromagnetics, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits, RF Communications, biological Electromagnetics, Antennas


Faisal Al-Shalabi

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering 

Office No:1027, Tel. : 5895417

Research interest: Tunneling and Underground Structures, Soil and Rock Behavior, Dam Engineering, Deep Foundations


 Mahmoud A Samdi

 Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

 Office No:1058, Tel. : 5895415

Research interest: Cellular radio communications, Simulation of communications systems, Interference analysis of communications systems, Microwave propagation and transmission, Spread spectrum communications , and Network theory.
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Assistant Professors:


 Saleh Al-Hayek

 Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

 Office No:1006, Tel. : 5895408

Research interest: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Solid Mechanics, Magnetic Materials, Magnetic Hyperthermia, Nano-Biomedical Applications
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 Abdulaziz Al-Sinawi

 Assistant Professor, Material Engineering

Office No:1062, Tel. : 5895405

Research interest: Advanced materials, Pollution, Nanomaterials, Corrosion


 Mofid M. Mahdi

 Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

 Office No:1026, Tel. : 5895402

Research interest: Numerical Methods, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Optimization, Advanced Engineering Materials.

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 Omar Al-Osta

 Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

 Office No:1014, Tel. : 5895410

 Research interest: Solar Energy.


Faris Al-Oqla

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering 

Office No:1091, Tel. : 5895403

Research interest: Mechanical Design, Energy, Decision Making Process, FEA.


Belal Al-Emour

Lecturer, Electrical Engineering

Office No:1091, Tel. : 5895403 


Ziad N. Shatnawi

Lecturer, Civil Engineering

Office No:1083, Tel. : 5895420

Research interest: Irrigation system design, Drainage system design, soil physical properties ,Data mining, mathematical modeling, statistical inference.
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Mohammad Raja

Lecturer, Electrical Engineering

Office No:1101, Tel. : 5895429

Research interest: Power Electronics ; Wind Energy; Smart power grid.



Ammar F. Al- Shayeb

Lecturer, Civil Engineering
Office No:1071, Tel. : 5895439

Research interest: Hydrology, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.

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Qasem Abu Al-Haija'

Lecturer, Electrical Engineering
Office No:1052, Tel. : 5895400

Research interest: Cryptography and information Security, Computer Arithmetic and Finite Fields, Wireless Sensor Networks, and Digital arithmetic algorithms.

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Mohammad Younes

Lecturer, Chemical Engineering

Office No:1066, Tel. : 5895388

Research interest: Water treatment technologies, Chemical additives,
and Organic Catalytic synthesis.
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Monaf Hodhod

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Office No:1019, Tel. : 5895432

Research interest: Thermodynamic, Thermal machines, Heat Transfer, and Alternative Energy.
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