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King Faisal University

College of Engineering



The College of Engineering at KFU firmly believes and heavily builds on the concept of life-long relationship when it comes to its alumni. Such a relationship that begins with prospective students from community high schools, grows during the students' stay in the College, and goes on after they graduate.

The College views its alumni as one of the most important constituencies. And, in order to best serve them, the College will adopt/has adopted several initiatives including training opportunities, a newsletter, career opportunities, and an annual meeting with them, in addition to building a database of its graduates, all of which are intended to continuously follow up with them, keeping them posted and updated.

On their part, alumni, viewed by the College as a major asset, are expected to provide their valuable feedback to the College for the sake of continuous improvement in terms of study plans, curriculum, future directions,  as well support the College by securing training and job opportunities, senior design problems, field visits, and lectures, among other things.