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King Faisal University

College of Engineering


Scientific Chairs

Scientific chairs are financial grants provided by individuals or organizations to support scientific research and education in higher education institutions. The College of Engineering has given this issue a particular attention because of its conviction that such initiatives agree with and support its strategic priorities and contribute to the its distinction and excellence as well as its major competencies.

The KFU Senior Administration has recently decided to sponsor a scientific chair in Rail Research. On its part, the College has already submitted applications for sponsoring two scientific chairs: The first is in Roadways and Bridge Research and the other in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Research to one of the most prominent companies in the Kingdom. The two proposed chairs are currently in the processing phase and have come a long way of, hopefully, final approval. In addition, the College has prepared a list of potential scientific chairs that are intended to be moved forward based on their significance in terms of available opportunities and their alliance to the College and KFU capabilities.

Based on the College vision that highlights and includes the contribution to the success of stakeholders by adopting the concept of community engagement, the College believes in the vital importance of selecting an adequate and highly qualified chair professor, and in providing high quality services that meet the sponsor's expectations. The chair professor is expected to deliver the following tasks:

Scientific Research, Publication, and Consultancies

- Recruit qualified researchers in the chair area and support college faculty and graduate students in conducting research.

- Publish research results and articles and present theses and books, and document Saudi experiences.

-  Establish specialized scientific journals and author and translate books.

-  Support the success of private and public organizations by providing consultancies.

Education and Training

-  Convene scientific meeting such as seminars, workshops, and exhibitions.

-  Conduct short training courses.

Support colleges by providing and facilitating public lectures, filed trips, practical training, and student contests. 

Contacts and Networking

- Creating research networks and specialized scientific councils.

- International cooperation and community partnerships and establishing alliances with other institutions and specialized centers.

- Providing information and interactive services by various means such as the e-news and the chair website on the internet and publishing scientific and professional brochures. 

In addition, the chair sponsor enjoys the following privileges:

- Naming the chair after the sponsor whether an individual or organization

- Adding the sponsor's name to the KFU's golden list

Posting the sponsor's name in the labs and areas that belong to the chair

- Acknowledging and noting the sponsor's name in the published works in journals and in the seminars and other publications done by the chair.

Posting the sponsor's name on the chair's website and adding a link to the sponsor's website or to their resume.

- Showing and highlighting the sponsor's name or logo in event files, formal invitations, posters, and backgrounds among other media tools.

- Inviting the sponsor and providing them with an extra number of VIP invitations for attending the chair important events such as conferences, and noting and acknowledging their name in formal speeches in the opening ceremonies of all chair-related events.

- Mentioning the sponsor's name in the ads and media and press interviews that accompany the chair activities and accomplishments.

- Granting the sponsor full access to and benefit from the research findings, to attend training courses and seminars associated with the chair.

- Posting ads and marketing materials for the sponsor on the chair website and all venues that host the chair activities.

The College invites individuals, companies, and organizations to sponsor any of the scientific chairs of most priority proposed by the College as presented in the table below. Further, the College welcomes any suggested ideas or thoughts of particular interest to the potential sponsor. 

For more information and/or queries, please contact the Dean of the College directly at:

Phone Number: +966 13 589 5454

E-mail Address:

The Chair Topic

Tunnel and Subsurface Infrastructure

Railways Transport

Wireless Communication and Networks

Electric Distribution System Automation

Advance materials


Solid Waste Treatment

Modeling and Simulation of Macro/Micro Engineering Systems

Engineering Education