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King Faisal University

College of Engineering

-   Training Courses:Training courses in the College of Engineering at KFU are led by expert faculty members who are eager to provide you with knowledge, tools and methodologies to keep you ahead of the trends in the rapidly growing field of engineering. The courses cover an array of topics in different engineering disciplines for every level.Our courses vary from ’Foundation course’’ to ‘’Advanced course’’ with the flexibility to customize your curriculum and create bundles that fit your team’s specific learning goals.To find the training courses catalog, please access the link below:

-   Collaborate on Research:
The primary benefit of COE at KFU is that it provides collaborators with opportunities to perform experimental research in an empowering atmosphere with excellent facilities, laboratories, equipment and resources. The ability of the college to retain these excellent facilities for the long term is a significant competitive advantage over other local institutions.COE faculties, researchers and students are helping businesses overcome their most difficult problems. The cross-disciplinary research climate offers new opportunities for business and contributes to creative and competitive solutions.College industry partners will have access to awide range of state-of-the-art engineering laboratories that host some of the well-equipped research facilities in the area.

-   Talents hiring:
Our students come from all parts of the Kingdom and have an excellent and varied experience in academic engineering. Our college has five specialties and graduates have expertise in important scientific fields, such as civil , mechanical, biomedical and electrical engineering.COE hosts a variety of career events every year. During these activities , business partners will work with college students to find options for internships and career opportunities.
-   Consultation:
COE was developed with a project-based and industry-based partnership in mind. We work with businesses, private sector agencies, non-profit organizations and government organizations to transfer knowledge and technology produced at the college and to achieve public benefit and economic growth. This may be achieved under one of the following services:Join our collaborative program for industryConducting R&D at KFUHire talentsAttend training coursesInvest in KFU-COE startups