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King Faisal University

College of Engineering

Vice Dean Message

Dear Visitors, 
When I started working  at King Faisal University, I found that its engineers (those who graduated) carry the attributes of aspiring architects  capable of dealing with many problems and controlling them by developing innovative solutions. These solutions are based on solid scientific and engineering principles. Therefore, the Vice deanship for   Academic Affairs at the College of Engineering seeks to employ intelligent people  capable of living in an ever-changing world and realizing KSA 2030 Vision under the leaderhip of Khadam Al Haramain, May Allah protect them. 
When the College of Engineering was established at King Faisal University in 1428H, it was the first college to obtain the ABET academic accreditation for all its departments at once and within few years straring2012 through 2021, This was due to the expertise of the outstanding academic staff. Many of the engineering graduate students are currently holding academic and other positions in the private sector.

Therefore, engineering education in the college corresponds to the highest international standards in terms of inclusion on the basis of strong and focused foundations of basic science starting from the preparatory year for students and ends in depth and rich in the fundamentals of specialist specialized branches.

In addition to completing the educational system, the field work and practice in one of the outstanding engineering institutions, are essential for students of the college before graduation. The College is currently seeking the establishment of post graduate studies to create a culture of cooperation. This cooperation will help the undergraduate students to work hand in hand with graduate students and faculty members on large-scale and innovative projects.

My dear visitor, the Deanship of Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering is constantly updating the college website and it invites you to explore the college website for additional information regarding its academic programs and student activities.

Dr. Adel Sharar Aldalbahi