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King Faisal University

College of Engineering


A commitment to excellence in engineering education, scientific research, and engineering    partnerships at all levels, both locally and regionally.          



Contribute to sustainable development and excellence in preparing graduates to be distinguished engineers through quality education, excellence in scientific research, community service, innovation and entrepreneurship.


        -         Responsible citizen.

        -         Integration based on interdisciplinary.

        -         Innovation in originality, producibility and applicability of knowledge.

        -         Respect for ideas, opinions, and diversity.

        -         Equality that enhances transparency and belonging.

        -         Employing expertise and capabilities


Strategic Goal

        1)     Developing academic programs and improving academic practices of engineering students.

        2)    Developing and supporting scientific research   

        3)    Enriching the student's university-experience

        4)    Developing industrial relations and community partnership 

        5)    Encouraging innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship