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King Faisal University

Al-Omran Scientific Chair


The Al-Ahssa area in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia is known for its prevalence of  inherited hematological diseases such as Sickle cell anemia and thalassemia's.

These disorders impact the socio-economical status of the population and impose a tremendous burden on the health institutes in the area.


College of Medicine at King Faisal University is making significant  progress in understanding the pathophysiology of  hemoglobinopathies and a number of novel research projects have been initiated.

However, in order to establish multidisciplinary approach, extramural funds are vital to broaden the scope of research and strengthen  ties  between King Faisal University and the  community.

The establishment  of Center of Excellence for Research in Hematological Diseases, has brought King Faisal University one step closer to achieve its vision.  

King Faisal University is the major higher education institute in the Al-Ahssa area and is committed to serving the local community. 

Statement of Purpose

•King Faisal University is one of the major educational institutes in the Eastern Province.

We are actively striving to  participate in the creation of new knowledge that will energize and uplift the economy of the region and contribute toward the achievement of the objectives of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision plan for development.

The university is embarking on a new era of  opportunities in research and challenges to the establishment of an innovative research center that will accelerate a broad spectrum of research activities.

In turn this will support the development of innovative and more effective therapies for the diseases prevalent in the Eastern Province, including hematological and genetic diseases which poses a tremendous burden on health and economy of the area.