Wednesday 23/03/1441 - 20/11/2019

Medicine College

College of Medicine, KFU





About College of Medicine, Al-Ahsa:

    The College of Medicine in Al-Ahsa was established by Royal Decree No.7/B/15252 dated 18/11/1421 H in Al-Hofuf. The temporary college building has been established to accommodate 1200 male and female medical students and it consists of three main buildings: First: The Central Building includes medical laboratories (Physiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, Parasitology, Microbiology, Neuroscience, clinical skills and stimulation laboratory). Second: Male Students' Building includes lectures halls, classrooms, library, administrative offices and computer laboratory. Third: Female Students' Building includes lectures halls, classrooms, library, administrative offices, computer laboratory and female faculty offices.

Vision of College of Medicine:

     To become a model in community engagement through excellence and international recognition in medical education, research and health care.

Mission of College of Medicine:

   We are committed to promote higher standards in medical education, health care, and research and community health services.

To advance this mission the college will:

Utilize innovative and modern methods to keep up higher standards in education,

Promote student centered learning;

Foster life-long & self-directed learning and leadership skills;

Create conducive environment for meaningful research relevant to local and international needs; and, Keep liaison with local, national and international institutions to promote and exchange knowledge.


·         Islamic Values

·         Excellence

·         Creativity

·         Compassion

·         Leadership

·         Responsiveness to community

·         Commitment to life-long learning