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King Faisal University



The Faculty of Applied Studies and Community Service prepare the training and educational programs assisting the community's individuals in acquiring new recognized skills and expertise to increase their scientific and practical efficiency.

The Program (Computer and Administrative Information Systems Diploma) covers the basic needs for enabling the student in secondary education (or equivalent commercial institutions) to gain the scientific and professional skills required in the Computer and Administrative Information Systems field and qualifying him to work in public and private sectors, with the sufficient acquaintance with the modern changes and developments in this specialization.


The Programs aims at achieving the following main objectives:

·         Qualifying the student (male or female) to work in Computer and Administrative Information System fields.

·         Making the educational and training opportunities available for both sexes of studiers holding Certificate of Secondary School (or equivalent commercial institutions).

·         Preparing the national cadres qualified in Computer and Administrative Information Systems  field

·         Functional and self development via responding the desires of the staff in this field in public and private sectors.


  • General secondary school graduates of both sexes.
  • Commercial secondary institution graduates.

Degree (Qualification)

  • Upon successfully completing the program and courses, the student (male or female) shall be granted (Diploma in Computer and Administrative Information Systems).
  • After graduation from the Diploma Program with a very good grade and fulfillment the other requirement of admission determined by the University, the student of both sexes has the right to continue the study of bachelor stage in Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Planning.

Computer and Administrative Information Systems Diploma