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Medical Transcription and Secretarial Diploma:


Medical care depends largely on secretarial and medical transcription services in order to transfer and deliver medical information and data in a scientific manner, on which relies important decision making. Thus, there is a great need for qualified cadres in this area.

The secretarial and medical transcription program, aims at training and qualifying students to the tasks of qualified medical secretary. The program provides students with training opportunities to be acquainted with modern technology, medical terminology and computer skills using them in the professional medical field.

Outcomes of training on such trainees emerge as a combination of knowledge, skill and experience through accurate assessment by trainers of the program. The program provides a reliable solid base during practice to prepare qualified and trained national cadres in the medical transcription and secretarial field.


To enable trainee of acquiring hereunder skills and capabilities upon completion of program term, in order to be able to duly perform his/her tasks and activities:

  1. Define method of writing medical forms by phrasing information dictated by physician about the case in a form of detailed and comprehensive report.
  2. Ability to manage medical offices, clinics and departments by means of organizing work place.
  3. Ability to transcript medical data and reports in both Arabic and English languages by using computer.
  4. Ability to edit administrative letters in both Arabic and English languages.



  • Secondary school certificate (Thanawya A`amma) (science section).
  • Graduates of health colleges and institutes

Priority in admission is given to students who got high scores in secondary school.

Degree (qualification)

  • Upon student's successfully completion of program and courses, student will be granted (Medical secretarial and transcription diploma).

Medical Transcription and Secretarial Diploma