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    Studies in the Department of Medical Laboratory Technology have been started in 1989. The department has become the nucleus of the College of Health Sciences. Up to the present time 165 female students have graduated from this department.Due to the importance of post-graduate studies in Medical Laboratory Technology, and in order to remedy the shortage in the number of qualified medical laboratory technologists and academic staff, especially female individuals needed to work in the health service, academic and research institutions; for all these reasons the department has decided to start the first post-graduate program of the College named “Program for the Master Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology”. The program is aimed to satisfy the aspirations of medical technologists for further studies to qualify locally for the Masters Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.
    Name of Degree: Master Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.

    Program Rationale:
    Currently, there is great need for qualified Saudi Medical Laboratory Technologists who can participate in developing the medical services in general, and the medical laboratory service in particular, in hospitals and other health institutions, research centers, as well as joining the academia in colleges of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, availability of a local program for studies toward the Master Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology will satisfy the need of the health institutions for nationals qualified in this field and its branches.

    The objectives of this M. Sc. program is to provide further training of medical technologists and equip them with sufficient knowledge so that upon graduation they can:

  2. Serve in the expanding national and private health care services as highly qualified medical laboratory specialists.
  3. Assume supervisory, managerial, academic and other leading positions in medical service and research laboratories, and attain competence in laboratory management including human and technical resources.
  4. Attain competence in performing state of the art techniques, can assess modern methodologies and evaluate the cost-benefits of newly introduced techniques.
  5. Be familiar with quality assurance in the laboratory.
  6. Undertake research projects, and become able to appraise the literature relevant to the area of specialization.

Conditions of Admission:
The conditions of admission of students into this program are specified in the unified by-laws of post-graduate studies in the Saudi Universities issued by the Council for Higher Education - decree number 1417/6/3 dated 26.08.1417. Complementary to those conditions, eligibility for admission into this program requires fulfillment of the following additional conditions:

  1. Holding of a B. Sc. degree in Medical Laboratory Technology from King Faisal University, or any other University recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, with a minimum GPA of 3.5 out of 5.0 points (or 2.75 out of 4).
  2. Passing of a written admission examination and successful attendance of a personal interview
  3. Medical fitness.
  4. The candidate must be a full-time student of the program.
  5. The candidate must provide a letter of support for his studies from his employer and two letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the Director of the Program.

First Year First Term

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MSML 811 Laboratory Management and Quality Control Assurance 2
MSML 812 Techniques of Molecular Biology 2
MSML 813 Human Genetics 2
MSML 814 Bio-statistics and Principles of Epidemiology 2
Total Credit Hours 8

First Year Second Term

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MSML 821 Pathology and Molecular Basis of Disease 4
MSML 822 Communication Skills 2
MSML 823 Medical Bioethics 2
Total Credit Hours 8

Second Year Third Term
According to the sub-specialty, the candidate shall choose one of the following four subjects, in addition to the subject of Research Methodology:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MSML 831 Clinical Chemistry 9
MSML 832 Hematology 9
MSML 833 Microbiology and Parasitology 9
MSML 834 Immunology 9
MSML 835 Research Methodology 2
Total Credit Hours 11

Second Year Forth Term
At this stage the M Sc candidate will undertake a research activity, prepare and submit a dissertation, and attend the oral examination to defend it. The candidate is expected to have started preparation for this research activity, like the choice of a project, literature review and grant application to KACST, as early as the time of admission into the program.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MSML 841 Master Degree Thesis 6

Award of the Master Degree:
In accordance with the recommendation of the Departmental Board of Medical Laboratory Technology and the Faculty Board of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, the Council of King Faisal University awards the M. Sc. degree in Medical Laboratory Technology to candidates who have successfully completed all the requirements of the program as follows:

  1. Attendance of 33 credit hours of study.
  2. Passing of the assigned examinations with a minimum GPA of 3.75 out of 5.0 points.
  3. Undertaking a research activity and submission of a dissertation.
  4. Defense of the dissertation before a panel of internal and external examine