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King Faisal University

College of Applied

Applied College launches
12 academic programs
In the academic year 1445 AH
For job seekers and those in the job (with fees) Intermediate Professional Diploma (in attendance) in
financial management
Human Resource Management
Supply chain management
Executive secretarial and office management
Digital and visual production
Advertising and marketing communication
Irrigation engineering
Web application programming
Data science
Information Systems
Computer networks and systems administration

Software features
1. Study in person at flexible times.
2. An intermediate professional diploma certificate compatible with the requirements:
National Qualifications Framework. The unified Saudi classification for levels and specializations. The unified Saudi classification of professions.
3. Specific specializations that meet the job needs of the labor market.
4 skills that keep pace with current developments and labor market requirements.
5. Linking to accredited professional certificates compatible with development goals.
6. Practical training in strategic partnerships with specialized bodies.