King Faisal University

College of Applied

Program Requirements

Teaching and Learning
CCS ensures to hire capable, efficient, and experienced teaching staff graduates from different Arab and foreign universities.
Teaching and learning process complementary encompasses theoretical lectures and hands on practices in order to ensure quality of outcomes. CCS also executes various ways of assessment and performance evaluation of both students and staff.
CCS avails the needed teaching / learning resources such as equipped audio-visual classrooms. This is in addition to latest IT resources which adds quality to the process, and enhances daily communication among students and staff, such as WebCT.

1- Highschool Certificate, (or equivalent), for academic programs and the Management Sciences and Planning qualifying program.
2- Varied admission standards for other training and continuing education programs.

1- Payment of study fees per assigned dates.
2- Adjustment of class-schedules by assigned deadlines.
3- Attending classes on time.
4- CCS May change the class schedule if deemed necessary.
5- CCS has the right to deny students admission to final examinations in cases of:
a) Absence is above 25%.
b) Failure to pay required fees.
6- CCS-Schedules Change Conditions:
a) Addition of a course by end of the semester first week.
b) Deletion of already registered courses by the secord week of the semester.
c) Withdrawal from a course anytime (6) weeks before the final exams, provided that registration for the semester is not less than (9) credit hours.
d) Successful completion of course pre-requisites.
7- Fees will not by reimbursed in the following cases:
a) After the deadline for class-schedule change.
b) Termination due to disciplinary or ethical causes.
c) Failure or termination in any curse.
8- Students must note the following:
a) Adherence to Islamic traditions.
b) Adherence to the national dress code.
c) No-smoking inside the University facilities policy.