King Faisal University



    The Faculty of Applied Studies and Community Service plays a vital role in opening new opportunities for the community's individuals to increase their cognitive achievement. Within this context, emerges the idea of Qualification Program opening horizons for a wide segment of students desiring to continue their university education.

    Qualification Program of Administrative Sciences includes (67) hours divided into four terms equivalent to the levels from first to fourth in the study plan approved for Bachelor stage in University's Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Planning  .  


     The Programs aims at achieving the following main objectives:

    • Making the educational opportunities available for those not fulfill the conditions of admission to universities.
    • Acceptance of a large number as possible of national cadres for studying the specializations required by labor market.
    • Contribution to the dissemination cultural and educational awareness via expanding the university education base.


    • Obtaining the General Certificate of Secondary School or equivalent.
    • Fulfilling the Program's specified conditions of enrolment.

    Degree (Qualification)

    Student does not achieve a rate of (2.75 of 5) after passing the whole Qualification Program, has no right to continue the bachelor stage and will be granted an academic record proving the courses he has studied without obtaining any qualification.

Faculty of Applied Qualification Program of Administrative Sciences