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King Faisal University

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology

About the club

The Programming Club is a club that is belong to the College of Computer Sciences and Information Technology at King Faisal University. It aims to promote and develop the programming culture by providing courses that enhance the knowledge and experience of programming.


Promoting and enhancing the knowledge of the different programming languages.


Supporting and motivating students to become professional and hardworking.


1.   Motivating students' self-learning.

2.   Developing students' skills in programming.

3.   Motivating students to think, innovate, and show their talents.

4.   Creating a spirit of teamwork.

Club Programs:

1.   Providing courses and workshops that are related to programming.

2.   Participating in activities and conferences dealing with programming, whether inside or outside the college.

3.   Organizing the programming contest and supervise it.

Membership Requirements

1.   The member should be one of the King Faisal University students.

2.   The member should have completed one or more programming courses.

3.   The member should attend workshops, and participate, and be active.

4.   The member should attend the regular meetings of the club.