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King Faisal University

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology

About the Club:

Information Technology Club founded in 2007. It provides several lectures, programs and specialized training courses in Information Technology.

The Vision:
Preparing students with high abilities and skills which can allow them to perform their tasks efficiently and raise their skilled in the areas of Computer Science and Information Technology in order to achieve success and self-professional excellence.

The Mission:
Creating and raising the scientific and practical efficiency and helping students to achieve their academic goals, and to overcome technical problems. This is done by developing their skills, and giving them opportunities to solve technical problems.

The Objectives:

1.   Organizing training courses.

2.   Organizing workshops.

3.   Visiting external exhibitions.

4.   Creating competitions among students by making some contests.

5.   Preparing for internal exhibitions.

Membership Requirements:

1.   Being a student at King Faisal University.

2.   Attending and participating in all meetings.

3.   Contributing to the preparation and the coordination of the club’s activities.

Membership Advantages:

1.   The priority to attend sessions and activities.

2.   Obtaining certificates of attendance for the made courses or workshops.

3.   Getting support from the college when you show special skills.