Sunday 14/11/1441 - 05/07/2020

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology



Welcome dea​r visitor to our College

Technology is one of the basic pillars of the Renaissance communities in the current era. What we see from the race and competition between all technical, industrial and educational sectors reflects the importance of technology. They do not seek to provide technical services. In fact, they strive to achieve the optimum use of technology and innovative technical solutions that contribute to community service.

Therefore, our college seeks to crystallize its objectives which raise the level and efficiency of graduates in order to meet the changing needs of the labor market. Those objectives are accomplished through applying clear and purposeful educational policies that are universally recognized. Also, working on the continuous development of the  scientific curriculum , attracting excellent faculty, and helping students to learn new skills.

Happy to your visit and hope you find what you are looking for.

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology