King Faisal University

College of Education

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Brief About College:

Study began in College of Education in first semester in 1401/1402, and the principle target of establishing college is to meet needs of eastern area from educational teachers to match with comprehensive educational progress in the Kingdom at large.

Furthermore, College of Education is seeking to achieve its public targets and objectives represented in a group of purposes related to education profession and provide services to society and scientific research, which are as follows;

1.    Preparing national efficiencies educationally and academically in the frame of our generous Islamic creed to perform teaching duties in different stages of public education in the Kingdom.

2.    Preparing national efficiencies and qualifying them to work in fields such as educational management, educational planning, social and psychological services and others.

3.    Proceeding educational researches either theoretical or practical in order to progress of educational process.

4.    Maximizing professional and cultural level for those who work in education field in general and insufficient qualified teachers in particular.

5.    Contribution in providing service to society in various educational fields through Department s and centers of the College and approved programs provided by it.

6.    Follow-up educational and technological developments in knowledge fields and spreading it in education courses, together with targets related to each Department  which integrate with general targets of the College.