King Faisal University

College of Education


Vision, mission and goals of the College of Education:

 Leadership in the field of educational development in the region and the Kingdom . The preparation of professional educators at a high level of efficiency who have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience and skills in the use of modern educational technology and the achievement of the center of the field of educational planning and research.
 The college is to prepare teachers, counselors and administrators  who have the competence, experience and profession moral and seek to improve the situation of others through the process of learning and teaching in disciplines that fit the needs of the community and its educational institutions. It  also contributes to the development of the educational process and solve educational problems and improve the educational environment by conducting scientific research in the field of education and provide programs for the preparation and development of teachers and leading educators.
1 - Preparation and development of students educationally and scientifically within the framework of Islamic ethics to work in educational institutions and education in accordance with international standards in the field of teacher preparation to meet the requirements of institutions that seek accreditation for Quality Assurance in International Education.
2 - Conducting research and studies that are compatible with global standards in scientific research and that contribute to the development of the educational process and support.
3 - Preparation of outstanding scientific staff to pursue postgraduate studies.
4 - To provide programs that contribute to raising the professional level of workers in the field of education :teachers and specialists, educators and leaders.
5 - to establish relations of co-operation with educational institutions and bodies of local and global.
6 - to contribute to society through the implementation of programs and educational activities.