King Faisal University


The Department of Art Education is one of the departments within the College of Education at King Faisal University. Established in 1430/1431 AH, it grants a Bachelor's degree in the specialization of Art Education for male and female students. The aim is to equip them with competence and effectiveness in teaching within the education sector, imparting skills necessary to meet contemporary educational requirements.

the department aims to elevate artistic taste, promote aesthetic awareness, and introduce the external world to the high level reached by visual artists in Saudi Arabia. It links various forms of art such as sculpture, interior decoration, mural painting, ceramics, and other courses, preparing qualified teaching staff for schools. Moreover, it supervises artistic centers, associations, exhibitions, and museums in the Saudi environment.

Art education plays a vital role in the educational process at different levels, complementing other subjects. It focuses on developing and nurturing artistic and creative skills in learners to adapt to their work environment and society's needs, offering opportunities in various life domains. Hence, this department emerged as the first of its kind in the Eastern region, aiming to achieve the educational objective of fostering individuals capable of living within a socially aesthetic framework.

It's noteworthy that distinguished professors, with various artistic specializations and academic degrees, lead the teaching process within the department. They have effectively overseen the department's leadership roles, enhancing the educational process and positioning the department as a pioneer in the field of art education in the Eastern region and the Kingdom.

Over the years since 1434 AH until now, the department has graduated numerous students who have significantly contributed to the educational sector across the Kingdom. The department is committed to implementing quality standards aligned with the vision, mission, and goals of the university, playing a pioneering role in achieving quality outcomes in line with the community's needs. It aims to create an advanced educational environment in sync with global developments to enrich knowledge and support the construction of a modern society.

Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Latif Al Mulla

Head of the Department of Art Education