King Faisal University


Department Aims :

Physical Education Department aims at;

  1. Preparing national specialist cadres educationally and scientifically qualified in the field of teaching physical education, also to work in different stages of public and private education, youth, and military and civil sectors, hence contributing in bridging the gap represented in big need of this specialization.
  2. Providing this field for the holders of secondary diploma and average college diploma with regard to physical education teachers to complete university education, and obtain bachelor's degree in teaching physical education and one of its aforementioned specializations.
  3. Proceeding scientific researches and field studies in the extent of specialization.
  4. Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and performing projects in the extent of specialization.
  5. Granting specializing diplomas to qualify employees in different physical education fields.
  6. Providing service to the society and promoting the awareness of physical education importance for individuals and their practices.
  7. Maximizing professional level for the employees of physical education, and knowing them contemporary educational and scientific trends.