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King Faisal University

قسم المناهج و طرق التدريس (قسم مساعد)


Curricula and Teaching Methods  Department Aims

In the line of College of Education targets which aim at preparing teacher with high efficiencies, Curricula and Teaching Methods  Department is aim for realizing the following targets or aims;

  1. Developing student ability to understand theories and introductions related to curricula, its bases, means of planning, establishing, evaluation Methods  and development.
  2. Developing student abilities to practice teaching
  3. Giving opportunity to trained student to practice school life Methods  in all of its different aspects, social, scientific, cultural and sport, aiming at professionally preparing teacher.
  4. Knowing student with educational concepts, giving them basic skills related to curricula and teaching Methods .
  5. Studying modern trends in the filed of curricula and teaching Methods  for various specializations.
  6. Developing trends and attitudes against using modern teaching strategies.
  7. Stating curricula and teaching Methods  importance in forming teacher able to develop his/her subject and society population.
  8. Taking an interest in modernizing education curricula in a manner that provide services to society and matching with development and scientific and technological progress in various trends.
  9. Participation in developing practices of employees in educational field in curricula and teaching Methods  fields and its development, through holding special training courses.
  10. Providing expertise and scientific consultation for education institutions in the field of preparing curricula and education and learning Methods , its adjustment and development.
  11. Participating in projects of Ministry of Education related to establishing curricula and teaching Methods , and its development.
  12. Contributing in solving educational problems that may face schools through scientific research and field studies.