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King Faisal University

:About the Department 


     The Department of Chemistry is one of the main academic departments in the College of Education, which was established in 1400 A.H. Since then, the Department has been working on the graduation of students who are mainly directed to work in the education sectors and many industries. The department has changed its curriculum to compatible with the new emoluments by establishing the Faculty of Science.

The Department aims at qualifying students in the field of chemistry, which helps them perform their national duties in many fields such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture and Factories. The student receives a bachelor's degree in chemistry after completion of 128 credit hours according to the general plan of the university.

The Department of Chemistry includes a group of faculty members in various disciplines of chemistry. The department also includes many qualified technical personnels who supervise the processing and operation of scientific laboratories. The department also has seven scientific laboratories in the male campus and six in the female campus, which include modern instruments to be compatible with department plan to make students aware of the link between research and learning. In addition, the chemistry department has four-research labs in the male section and two in the female section, these labs help the faculty and students to do their experiments and research effectively. Also these research articles can be publish in higher impact factor journals, which is reflected in the university rank among other universities.