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To provide specialized training services which contribute to qualifying trainees for the job market.


Leadership and distinction in presenting training programs in a suitable and comfortable environment.

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 The Definition

It is one of the courses of the study plans in which the student works full-time, for a specified period in one of the governmental or public agencies suitable for his specialization to gain practical experience and lead him to distinguished professional standards.

Field training may sometimes be called by other names, including summer training, cooperative training, or practical application.

Field training objectives

In general, the objectives of field training are focused on the following:

1. Providing students with practical and training experience before graduation.

2. Students' direct contact with the work environment and close acquaintance with the labor market.

3. Supporting students' theoretical study through practical application, training, and writing reports.

4. Training students to assume responsibility, adhere to deadlines, and respect regulations and laws.

5. Training students to work in work groups and to deal well with others.

6. Enabling private and civil institutions to identify students' skills and attract them for employment.

7. Informing the university about the requirements of the labor market and thus updating the study plans and the educational process and developing study plans that meet the requirements of the labor market and societal needs.

8. Providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and open channels of cooperation between the university and training authorities.

9. Community service by involving students in providing services to government and private institutions.

 Standards for organizing field training in Chemistry Department.

The Chemistry Department prepares an organization for field training in the line with department's output, to ensure the achievement of field training objectives.

 This organization must achieve the following criteria:

1. Identification of the parties responsible for organizing and implementing training (Head of the department, department coordinator for training, academic supervisor, field supervisor) and identifying responsibilities and ensuring their integration and compatibility

2. Determining the objectives of the field training and the conditions for registration therein

3. Provide a timetable for organizing training and announcing it to students, showing the dates of receiving applications, searching for training bodies, preparing students for training, beginning of training, reporting dates ... etc.

4. Provide forms for organizing field training (such as a training approval request form, a student data form for field training, a field training plan form, a training supervisor report form, a follow-up report form, a final report form, ... etc.)

5. Providing a guide for the student for field training (in which he explains the student's role, conditions for registration in training, procedures for organizing training, follow-up mechanism, guidance and evaluation, the role of the academic supervisor and field supervisor...etc.)

6. There are criteria for selecting training bodies

7. There are criteria for distributing students to available training opportunities if the college provides them

8. Prepare and prepare students before carrying out the training

9. Providing a training plan showing the students' qualifications and the activities that can be implemented in the training, ensuring the diversity of field training activities, and making the most of the training period

10. The mechanism for distributing academic supervisors to students and determining numbers

11. The mechanism of organizing field visits

12. Ensure continuous guidance of the student during training

13. The mechanism for organizing the discussion (if any) and evaluation criteria

14. There are criteria for evaluating students

15. Ensure the continuity of the calendar

16. There are mechanisms for obtaining feedback from both the student and the training authorities, to improve both the educational process and the organization of training

17. Providing methods of reward and punishment for the trainee students

18. Providing data of specialists in the labor market who dealt directly with students and means of communicating with them

19. Ensure the practical application of professional ethics

20. Follow-up mechanism for students who are trainees abroad (if any)

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Training Guidelines - Trainee
​Training Guidelines - Academic Supervisor​
Training Guidelines - Employers
Training Guidelines - Training institutions and employers

​Template name
Form No. 1.1 - Pre-registration form for training
Form No. 1.2 - Training Request Form
Form No. 1.3- Searching for a training opportunity 
Form No. 1.4 - Trainee obligations
​​Form No. 1.5 - Contact information for the training institution (employer)
Form No. 1.6 - Transfer to another employer
Form No. 1.7 - Justification for the absence of the student
Form No. 1.8 - Semi-Weekly Training Report
Form No. 9.1 - Notifying the Academy of any problem during training
Form No. 1.10 - Scheduling the final report and final representation
Form No. 1.11 - Training Questionnaire Form - Trainee

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