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King Faisal University

College of Science

The Academic Guidance and Counseling Committee undertakes the following tasks:

1- Continuous monitoring of academic guidance within departments, ensuring the use of academic guidance models for tracking and directing female students. This involves assessing their academic, cognitive, skills, and social levels (the models are available on the Admission and Registration Deanship's website).

2- Organizing guidance meetings for students, hosting seminars, workshops, and training courses in the field of guidance and counseling.

3- Collaborating with faculty members to find suitable solutions for students' issues, discussing how to activate academic guidance and electronic counseling.

4- Conducting sessions for academically struggling students, identifying the number of struggling students in each course per semester and comparing it with the previous semester to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken within each program.

5- Participating in the orientation program for new female students at the beginning of the academic year.

6- Creating surveys for both students and faculty members to mitigate negatives and enhance positives within the program.

7- Reviewing matters referred by the college dean to the committee, expressing opinions, and making necessary recommendations.