King Faisal University

College of Science

Q: How do I register for courses?

A: Course registration is done via the Banner system following the rules of the Admission and Registration Deanship.

Q: What are the conditions for enrollment?

A: Meeting the minimum credit hours required each semester and fulfilling any prerequisites for each course if applicable.

Q: What is academic probation, and what are its consequences?

A: Attending a minimum of 75% of lectures for each course is mandatory. Failure to meet this requirement results in the student being barred from completing the course and considered to have failed it.

Q: What is a warning, and how is it related to enrollment?

A: A student receives a warning if their GPA falls below 2 out of 5. If a student receives three consecutive warnings, their enrollment is canceled.

Q: Is it permissible to transfer between departments?

A: Transferring between departments is allowed, provided the student completes 24 credit hours, including general courses, and maintains a minimum GPA of 3.25.

Q: What is the role of an academic advisor? Will they explain the courses to me?

A: Explaining course material is the responsibility of the course instructor, not the academic advisor. However, the advisor can be approached for guidance, planning, monitoring, and support. They assist in clarifying the study plan, graduation requirements, monitoring student achievements, and facilitating academic, behavioral, and social problem-solving.

Q: When and how can I contact my academic advisor?

A: Advisors can be reached during office hours or by appointment. During registration, withdrawal, add/drop periods, it's crucial to meet the advisor.

Q: How do I calculate the cumulative GPA?

A: The cumulative GPA equals the total points earned in all courses divided by the total credit hours registered, excluding withdrawals.

Q: Does the cumulative GPA for two or more semesters equal the average of the semester GPAs?

A: This occurs only if the registered credit hours remain constant across all semesters. If the credit hours vary, the calculation reverts to points and credit hours.

Q: What do NP - NF grades mean?

A: NP (Pass without grade) - NF (Fail without grade). These grades do not affect the student's cumulative GPA, but they need to be passed. They were implemented in some courses during the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent negative impacts on student GPAs.

Q: Is the professor obligated to inform me of my grades and provide access to my answer sheets?

A: You have the right to know your grades for all assessments and review your answers by directly communicating with the instructor, whether the grade was finalized or not. If there's a dispute, consult the academic advisor or escalate it to the College's Academic Affairs Vice Dean.

Q: Can I discuss scientific matters with the instructor that contradict their teachings?

A: There's no censorship or punishment for academic discussions with faculty members as long as the discourse remains respectful and within appropriate behavior.

Q: Can the university penalize a student for a violation that occurred outside the university grounds?

A: If the violation affects societal norms, ethics, or Islamic values, and if it's confirmed, the university has the right to take appropriate action as the student's behavior reflects upon the institution even outside its premises.