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King Faisal University

College of Science

The Strategic Planning Committee is chaired by the Dean of the College. The functions of this committee are as follow

  1. Defining or proposing an amendment to the College's vision, mission, and objectives.

2. Periodic review of the college's strengths, weaknesses, risks, opportunities, and linking them to the college's objectives

3. Providing recommendations to the Dean of the College related to any challenges facing the educational, research, and service proces

4. Developing the College's operational plan and following up on its implementation

 5. Establishing a time plan for the accreditation and supervising the progress of the college's departments toward the plan

6. Identifying the college's research pathways and linking them to the university's strategic pla

7. Following-up on any subject issued by the University administration or Strategic Planning administration that is related to the University's strategic plan, which is followed by the notifications of the college's departments.

8. Spreading the culture of strategic planning among the faculty members

 9. Following-up different College's committees in performing their duties and coordinating among committees with common tasks.


Committee preside

Prof. Ahmed bin Omar al-Najja

Dean of the College