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King Faisal University

College of Science

The Graduation Projects and Talented Students Committee performs the following tasks:

1- Develop a clear mechanism for executing and evaluating graduation projects in coordination with scientific departments.

2- Supervising student contributions to projects, whether at local or international levels.

3- Establishing a database containing information about projects, their supervisors, student names, and other necessary details.

4- Creating a repository of topics comprising proposals from students and professors for utilization in graduation projects. Emphasis is placed on practical projects that serve both the university and the community.

5- Promoting a culture of talent, creativity, and excellence.

6- Highlighting and nurturing talented students while refining their skills.

7- Encouraging students through honoring and recognizing outstanding and creative individuals in collaboration with relevant committees.

8- Reviewing matters referred by the college dean to the committee and addressing relevant transactions and accomplishments.