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King Faisal University

College of Science

Committee for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research

  1. Coordinating the affairs of postgraduate students, including scheduling, course registration, add/drop procedures, deferrals, withdrawals, reinstatements, academic probations, coordinating exam schedules, monitoring grade submissions, welcoming new students, reviewing graduation eligibility, and considering students' excuses for absence in accordance with university regulations.

  1. Collaborating with the Dean of Graduate Studies concerning matters related to Master's and Ph.D. students.

  1. Developing and reviewing admission criteria for postgraduate studies.

  1. Coordinating with the Dean of Scientific Research and the university's research centers regarding conducting research and obtaining necessary support.

  1. Encouraging faculty members to propose research projects and aiding them in securing external support.

  1. Reviewing faculty research proposals submitted to the Dean of Scientific Research to ensure alignment with the college's research interests.

  1. Reviewing research proposals from postgraduate students, ensuring their sound research methodologies, alignment with the college's research interests, and relevance to the community and environment's needs.

  1. Collaborating with college departments to introduce new postgraduate programs, update existing programs, or evaluate current programs.

  1. Evaluating research performance and scholarly publications in the college, encouraging and identifying obstacles to both, and seeking ways to overcome these barriers.

  1. Promoting scholarly publications in high-impact scientific journals.

  1. Overseeing and operating the central laboratory in the college, if available.

  1. Assisting teaching assistants in pursuing scholarships at prestigious universities to ensure high future performance among faculty members.

  1. Contributing to monitoring the situation of college students studying abroad and providing assistance when necessary.

  1. Participating in attracting distinguished researchers to the college.

  1. Reviewing cases referred by the Dean of the college to the committee, providing opinions, and making necessary recommendations.