Thursday 11/11/1441 - 02/07/2020

College of Science



Objectives of the Vice-Deanship:


  1. Conducting the academic affairs of undergraduate students, which include: coordinating the college's academic schedule, the addition and deletion of courses, postponing, discontinuation, cancellation, reenrollment, transfer and deprivation. The vice deanship also coordinates examination schedules, overlook the submission of examination results, welcome freshmen students, review academic records of students who are expected to graduate, and examine absence excuses submitted by students, in accordance with rules and regulations of the university.

2. Coordinating with the deanship of admission and registration in all that is related to the academic affairs of undergraduate students.

3. Making and periodically updating the student guidebook while making sure it contains: a brief overview of the academic plans, the college's internal rules and regulations (if any) especially the articles concerning undergraduate tuition and examinations.

4. Establishing and implementing a mechanism for dividing students to enroll in each of the academic departments in the college.

5. Establishing a mechanism for supporting struggling students.

6. Setting out a clear, public mechanism for receiving student complaints.

7. Proposing a mechanism for promoting students' performance and creativity, and nominating outstanding students for college, university or community awards. 

8. Establishing a timetable that consists of scientific, educational and sports activity events for students; and implementing those events.

9. Evaluating all types of student activities, and proposing suggestions to improve them.

10. Promoting and fostering students' initiatives, and coordinating with the deanship of student affairs to implement them.