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King Faisal University

College of Applied Medical Sciences

  • Curriculum Development Committee
  • Roles
  • Members
  • Activities

    1. Define and implement the objectives, goals and structure of the College of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS) curricula (Nursing and Public Health).
    2. Oversee the teaching, organization and management of the CAMS educational programs.
    3. Review and analyze data reported by the College Student Assessment Committee and formulate educational policies.
    4. Oversee the evaluation of contents of courses to identify areas of deficiency or redundancy in the curricula and corrects or modifies these where appropriate.
    5. Recommend major changes in the curricula or course structure, duration, sequencing, or addition of new required courses as deemed necessary.
    6. Distribute the teaching load in coordination with the department concerned.
    7. Report to the Educational Affairs and the College Council unresolved problems in the teaching of the curricula.
    8. Plan continuous assessment of students and the end of course/semester examinations in coordination with the Assessment Committee.
    9. Develop and disseminate ILO’s for each program in NQF defined domains of learning and map with the same for each course (The committee will involve the course coordinators in the process).
    10. Guide and assist the faculty on matters such as course planning, course specifications and course report writing.
    11. Review all course specifications and course report periodically for accuracy of the contents, instructional strategies and assessment methods.
    12. Prepare program specifications as per NCAAA guidelines and get it reviewed by independent reviewers.
    13. Establishes subcommittees for specific functions.
    14. Oversee all matters related to program delivery and make appropriate recommendations to the academic departments for improvement.