Wednesday 17/11/1441 - 08/07/2020

Applied Medical Sciences

  • Clinical Training Committee
  • Roles
  • Members
  • Activities

    1. Develop and implement policies for internship programs as approved by the faculty and the Dean.
    2. Meet accreditation standards for internship programs and prepare requisite reports in a timely fashion.
    3. Take a scholarly approach to identify, evaluate and recommend/implement improvements in assessment instruments and methods to assure quality assessment and advancement of the internship program.
    4. Assure that the internship assessment process supports ongoing review by the Assessment and Curriculum and Evaluation Committees.
    5. Develop recommendations for curricular and pedagogical revision to provide better alignment of internship with the required skills to assure optimal student learning and outcomes.
    6. Prepare and update periodically, training manuals for each training program with all requirements, rules regulations, policies and guidelines pertaining to student placement, discipline, activities, assessment and evaluations.
    7. Identify and develop training sites according to needs of the specific training program.
    8. Develop collaborative arrangements with the training sites through CAMS administration.
    9. Develop, implement and evaluate orientation program for the students and site staff for each program well before the commencement of the program every year.