King Faisal University

College of Applied Medical Sciences

The Clinical Nutrition Department at the College of Applied Medical Sciences at King Faisal University provides a promising program aimed at equipping students with a rich scientific knowledge base in therapeutic nutrition, medical, educational, research, and managerial fields related to this emerging specialty. Through this program's courses and related training activities, students study human body functions, functional nutrients, defensive foods, nutritional supplements, their role in disease treatment, prevention, preparation methods, and lifestyle improvement through nutrition. Additionally, they delve into nutritional issues among different societal groups and misconceptions related to food.

This program spans five years on a full-time basis. Upon completing all required courses, students undergo a full-year (12 months) clinical training program in accredited hospitals and specialized health centers under direct supervision from departmental academics in collaboration with hospital department administrators and professionals.

Our Vision:

Achieve excellence and innovation in Clinical Nutrition locally, regionally, and globally.

Our Mission:

Academically and clinically prepare students to work as therapeutic nutritionists, enhance their professional competencies through innovative knowledge, scientific research, and effective community partnerships.

Learning Outcomes:

Provide students with quality education, independent learning skills, and effective practice methods in therapeutic nutrition based on scientific principles and applied evidence.

Ensure professional practice quality by imparting values, principles, and behaviors that ensure success at the professional level.

Promote evidence-based applied research in therapeutic nutrition.

Offer professional and community services by developing and providing information, products, and services to individuals and communities.

Employment Opportunities:

There are expanding employment opportunities for Clinical Nutrition specialists in:

  1. Government and private hospitals.

  2. Educational institutions.

  3. Research centers, sports medicine/nutrition.

  4. Media, awareness organizations.

  5. Non-governmental organizations like UNESCO and UN programs.


Contact Us:

Department Head: Dr. Yousif Al-Dubayan